Friday, May 19, 2006

climatic changes

Pollution is certainly a major factor for climatic changes but the destruction of signifiant areas of forest is another who degrades profoundly environment and reduces biodiversity. The tropical
rainforest attracted most attention but tropical dry forest are being lost in an substantially higher rate. The industrialisation and the growing extensive agriculture of beginning 20th century where undeniably the start for pollution and deforestation.
I'm realy sad that the newspapers all around the world focus their attention more to pollution aparently principal cause of changing climate and never treats about deforestation. Last years only a few highing of world temperatures was responsable for dangerous rising wildfires deforesting great parts of dry areas in Europe and California. The rising intensity en frequence of the hurricans in Florida are another consequence, we all remember the New Orleans catastrophy in the Gulf of Mexico.
An another aspect is the flash flooding of the Danube (Europe). Scientific Studies proves that planting new trees can lower the water tables and drain rivers. Shrinking forest lessens the landscape his capacity to intercept, retain and transport precipitation.
Forests are the bareer against wind erosion and transportation of large amount of sand. North and Northwest China are a good example for suffering decreased evapotranspiration and extension of the Mongolian desert by extremely hard blowing sand storms.
The principal cause of deforestation are human related: agriculture, livestock grazing, urban sprawl, mining, petroleum extraction and last but not least forest industry (industry of rare exotic wood species).
Forests can extract carbon dioxide and polluants from the air and produces via fotosynthese oxygen. But is not the only reason why forest are so important they are also the biotope of many animals and plants in extinction danger.
Its really urgent all around the world to protect our woods and reforest large areas to increase the benefits of forests for nature, humans and preserve biodiversity.
Deforestation is compromising live on earth.