Saturday, April 22, 2006

women condition

Living in a kindfull environment, better where women are relatively respected, I couldn't imagine that the condition of women still is a hot subject. I was convinced after almost fifty years battle things have changed and women are definetively abble to embraze all kinds of places in society as men. In apearence everything is done, but nothing is less true. My mother had the chance to be married with a comprehensive husband and as liberated woman she could develop her intellect and qualities to a career of business woman. I believe my father was absolutely proud of his advanced and beautifull wife. In such a middle I was myself undeniably pushed to make career myself. In order to make a link with the following generation my daughter became SuperJet pilot. In Europe as in other places in the world it is not rare to see women on the top of their country and became prime minister. But if a minority of women has enviable places in governement, business and other central positions this is only hiding the majority of bad women conditions. Looking around me I can't deny that reality is totaly diferent. In fact there is not a single country in the world today where women have the same opportunities as men and although progress has been made in some areas in recent years woman are still disadvantaged in economic and political life. In my country it's still common that women gains among 20% less than her male homologues for the same studies and qualifications. Worse is the conditions in figthing countries. Incidents of violence against women increase and rape is often used systematically as a weapon of war. Its impossible to traverse the African continent without an envelopping sense of horror and despair at the carnage amongst women; battling, excision, vilifying and marrying off women are still in use. The Asian continent is not better; human trafic, sex, pornografy and sexuality based attacks are notably common.
There is a lot struggle to deliver for equities and the importance of working together to improve women lives around the world.

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