Monday, April 03, 2006


While painting flowing water I couldn't omit to think on all the benefits we have from potable water. How can I neglect the happiness and chance I have not missing it each day. Maybe in the future it could be a worldproblem. Its lack causes already the death of 15 persons in the world each 60 seconds!!! I believe there's among 1,1billion people who miss potable water and 2,4 billion suffers from deficient hygiene and hydric diseases by waterneed. Diseases as choléra, typhoïde, hepatitis, paludisme, diarrhee and so on are directly concerned by waterscarity. That's why potable water is and stays for the coming years the prime humanitary urgency. Last 22 march was international day of water. But here in Europe I didn't saw many about the subject. It seems to be overwhelmed by the social disorders in France with the strikes around the promulgation of their PCE ( prime employ contract) and the collect for fight against the Sida. In Belgium the government looses his time in quarreling about french and dutch communes around Brussels, insert new dangerous airways to fly above the capital in order to divide fly trajects between the dutch and french population and how to equilibrate the budjet by submitting severe budjetair pression to the working class people. What a slush??? I'm thinking this time on all the victims of water with the Stzunami, the hurricans and the inundations. Its time to wake up and taking conscience of humanity. We are all embarked in the same ship and we have to fight all together in the same way!!!

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