Saturday, April 08, 2006

mode and fashion

The portret I painted from Sonia Rykiel gives me mixed sentiments. I'm proud of the career of this characterfull woman and the charism her face reflexs. Fashion is not specialy a kindfull environment. In the years she started her business as a young women between a majority of men was certainly not easily done. Nowadays extranvagance is not rare and despite of beeing wearable sometimes I agree it can be very artisic.
Last 28 september the opening of the new shop Rykiel Woman defrayed the chronic in proposing next fashion the sale of erotic objects. Its a strange idea for a famous Fashion House and however has not the same carriage of a Sex-Shop! Its a place of sensuality and pleasure associating classical products with other more avant-gardiste and provocant. Only the subsoil of the shop offers chic Sex-Toys. This space is fortunately not free, you must obligatory be escorted by a shop assistant and is forbidden to underages.
Nathalie Rykiel the girl of Sonia who directs the new shop don't contradict the fact her mother always has been provocative. From the beginning her creation scandalises but never has been real common.The daughter skared for a new scandale defying the market another time and finally this aventurous step has been accepted with the actual very enlarged mentalities. Next I fears we find absolutely normal to be abble to buy sex toys together with a lot of other objects and presents relating to love without any shame. I'm still astounded the manner how mentalities changes faster than advancing technology.
For interested people: Rykiel Woman
4, rue de Grenelle
75006- Paris (France)

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