Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lost Fight

Just like other years birds are singing in the trees covered with flowers and narcises are growing in the green grass of the back yard; but I can't help this year isn't like another and I don't feel like usually the spring flowing trough my blood. It took a time before I noticed why: its a year I lost my bosom friend and evidently I didn't reject the pain yet. In spite of the age difference (17) we could handdle with each other a real unconditional friendship. I don't remember if we quarreled about something. She is the kind of friend you never can replace.
About two years ago she suffered from back pain and her walking was everytime very painfull. Her toubib diagnosticated spinal spinose and he doesn't let her time for reflexion about a surgical intervention. So an orthopedist took the job to operate her and placed stalk and pins. From the beginning she recovered very badly and when she returns home she could'nt come above the pain. Her last Christmas was horrible. Nothing could stop her pain even the patches with morphine. Unhelpfull she returned to her surgeon who decided to reopear 3 months after the first intervention and drop away all the material he placed. But here started the final battle. She could'nt recover beeing too much weakened. It seems afterwards she got that famous clinical MRSA (multiple resistent Staphyllococcus Aureus) against whom they don't have any remedy. From that moment I saw the very activ and fightfull woman she was giving up the battle. In her very last moments I wasn't allowed to great her so sick she was. I can't drop away of mind she though we have all desert her.
Where is the time between two world wars the antibiotics and vaccinations started making miracels and save so many lives. Some diseases were iradicated totaly in our countries with their efficacity. But then came the time where doctors prescribed unconsequently those types of medicines in such manners that in one side they had to force the prescriptions (more and more resistent pathogenes) and on the other side they caused unbalance between the pathogenes itself (the most resistent could develop without concurence of other pathogenes).
And to day we are evidently loosing the whole battle; virus as Sida, Chikungunya, H5N1 (bird influenza) and so on we are desarmed momently and perhaps for a long time. Again we are in desert and hope their is on earth somewhere a good working brain who finds the solution.

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