Wednesday, April 12, 2006


As child playing with colours rapidly I noticed the harmony and beauty by juxtaposing contrasts. The most evidently are black/white, dark/light and warm and cold. But if you read the elements of colours by Johannes Itten, you'll see a lot more possibilities. In fact everything is a question of contrasts. This allows us to take one's bearings and live should be terribly monotonous without. Its by diferences our world becomes comprehensible. How should we apreciate silence if we don't know what's a noisy environment is?
Humans always must be abble to compare and have a scale of values. In films , painture and fotografy its with differences we can situate objects and persons in space by creating an illusion of relief or profundity.
What's true for Art is always true for Society. Why should we banished diferences of culture, way of live, mentalities, traditions, religions, social levels and so on? One of the most importants rights of humans should be: to be ourselfs!

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