Friday, June 16, 2006


Nowadays it's not rare to live with four generations together. Conflicts between have always existed but they are more obvious actually.
A century ago no one could preview the inversion of the population pyramid, as to know thinner at the base and fatter at the top. The among old growing people is increasing all over the world . Population projections confirm that this evoluation due to better food, life hygiene and medical care will continue.
Fewer children are born each year. The general fertility of humans shows a significant drop down and birth control is higher. The children wish is lower with better social life. Slacking work opportunities tend people to stay studying longer and to postpone marriage and parenthood.
Strange enough in spite of higher life expectancy in better health people will retire earlier. The working class is narrowing seriously bringing financial incomes of some governments in bader low rates. Globaly the expectation is to keep so long as possible people to work.
More frequently as before aging persons are considerated as a trouble giving group; undeniably at older ages health deteriorates what means we can expect more people confronted with diseases, illness or invalidity. But before reaching this group, aged people can be very usefull in different economic activities with their high professional experiences as luggage.
The result is various generations having lived in very distanced periods coexist. The oldiest growned up aldolescence years during marking world war and evoluated in the golden sixties, while the youngest progressed in what we could call an acceleration of history. Last decades technologies and general knowledge never extended so quickly as before resulting in very divergent artistic, cultural, social and economic views between the class ages making communication more problematic.
Fortunately more and more intergeneration meetings are organized and probably young and old can try to understand each other while exchanging experiences: wisdom the ones, high technology experiences the others.