Tuesday, March 28, 2006

human rights

A few days ago I received a reportage in my mail box of a child in Iran receiving as punishment for having stolen a bread the fracture of a member under the wheels of a track. It seems that his arm would be desesperately unfunctional for the rest of his live. But worse what happens in the mind of the child afterwards? What kind of image will keep the boy from the persons around him he loved and trusted? And what with the humans rights? I agree a child haven't to steel, but the punishment is not proportional to the fact. He had no chance to redemptation or explanation. Was he hungry??!! I'm terribly shocked that in third millenium their are still barbars on this earth, where simply human rights are severly neglected. Its really a pitty that some humans are still treated less than material, some animals have a better live. I'm not a racist but spitefully I notice there is still sionism, sexisme, racisme, and so on. The worst is the nefast influence on certain persons with extrem religion believes, how many people dies from their agresssivity and hate feelings. Human and intellectual behaviour is related to toleration, respect and open mind against other cultures and religions.

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